Arriving Oahu Sunday, Sept 7

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Arriving Oahu Sunday, Sept 7

Postby dirtbag surfer » Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:45 am

Yeah, I know, another guy in the water...don't worry, I will let you know when Canoes is safe again :)

I am arriving this Sunday for my annual Oahu trip. I used to go over quite a bit more when I lived on Kauai and they had those killer inter-island airfare wars, but now I am on the mainland, so I am relegated to once a year. I am staying in Town as usual, and hope that it will be lit up with the predicted south rolling in. I usually score pretty good this time of year and always go the week after Labor Day, which is probably not much less crowded than the week before or just about any week on the south shore, but I tell myself it is.

Bud and Neal, you might remember me as “TikiMan” from back in the alt.surfing days. Maybe I will see you guys out in the water; surf, bodysurf, body boarding, whatever? You’re pictures (and html skills), are looking much improved from the old days. That was like caveman times it seems, glad to see both of you doing well! I dig the site and the shots! L^]


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